Pattern Updates

Every effort has been taken to ensure accurate patterns.  Occasionally, mistakes occur and I apologize for any inconveniece this might have caused you.


 Yardage for setting and corner triangles- (72" sq) 1-1/4 yd and (72" x 86") 1-1/2 yd

Page 1-    Cutting instructions for:    
Setting triangles- Cut 16" squares, instead of 14" squares
Corner triangles- Cut 9" squares, instead of 7-1/2" squares
         **The number of squares cut for each of these items, remains the same.

#148 Rabble Rouser

Yardage Requirements
on pattern:  Black (Borders and Setting Triangles)- 1-7/8 yd

Page 8- Step 7: (should add) From Black border and setting fabric, cut (8) 6" squares; then cut each twice on the diagonal.  The result will be (32) Setting triangles.  Also cut (2) 5-1/2" squares for the Corner triangles.  Cut these once on the diagonal, resulting in (4) triangles.

#128 Nine In A Row

Cutting Instructions on Page 1:  Cornerstones
        For 67-1/4 quilt- cut (24) 1-1/2" squares
   ** For 80"quilt-  cut (40) 1-1/4" squares
For 100" quilt- cut (60) 1-1/2" squares

#154 Dove Tales

Page 4- Correction is: "Each block row is constructed with 4 blocks alternating with (5) 1-1/4" x 10-1/4" sashing.
#124 Hem-N-Haws

Correction Page 2-
In step 1, use Light (ivory) 2-1/2" squares instead of black. Draw line, align and sew as instructions given.
In step 3, use Black 2-1/2" squares and align them as shown to the right side of blue rectangle.  *The flying geese unit will be the opposite as shown. When turned upside down it will be the same as pictured in the block!